Checklist for Buyers

When Turks buy a house, they want to handle the process themselves as much as possible, mostly to save money but also because they know the system. However, foreigners do not speak Turkish and are not familiar with the procedures. If you buy directly from homeowners or construction companies, you sometimes save up to 20% of the purchase amount. Therefore, we have compiled all the points you need to know and where to get the services you need.

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Q&A resident permit

Real Estate Residence Permit ID Card is purpose of owned real estate in Turkey any value. Can continue from 1 term Touristic to 2nd term Real Estate Residence permit (with Turkish citizenship option after 5 years) and reason for additional Touristic stay in Turkey more period.

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Home loan checklist

There are a number of Turkish banks that offer mortgages to foreign nationals wishing to purchase property in Turkey. Loan amounts, interest rates and requirements may vary from bank to bank. By using our FREE service we will tell you the most interesting banks for you with all their requirements.

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Legal Advising Service

Do I need a lawyer?

Although it is not a legal requirement, Antalyabuy advises all of our clients to use a lawyer to buy a property in Turkey. We have many trusted connections with experienced lawyers. A lawyer’s fee will be in the region of €1,000 but it could well be the best money you’ve ever spent.

  • The lawyer prepares a report with advice on the property so the buyer will know the official facts and feel save
  • The lawyer will be present when the contract between the you as Buyer and the Homeowner is signed.
The lawyer will be present in the office of Tapu ! and check all the details of the transaction.

Why the buyers needs Property Title Check presented directly by the lawyer?

  • To verify there are no issues with respect to ownership transfers, partitions, conversions, mutations etc.
  • To verify if the land on which the property is being or been built has been procured legally
  • To verify Occupancy Certificate- if the property has been constructed in compliance with the provided permissions.
We have many trusted connections with experienced lawyers. A lawyer’s fee will be in the region of €1,000 but it could well be the best money you’ve ever spent.

Buy Legal services via Antalyabuy and save 50% of your cost.

What types of insurance do I need to consider as a property buyer in Turkey?

As a buyer of a property in Turkey, you will need to take out various insurances. Two different insurances you will need to take out when buying a property in Turkey.

  • Compulsory earthquake insurance
  • Property Insurance

Health Insurance Designed for Expats

Those staying in Turkey long-term or those who suffer from chronic illnesses should consider investing in health insurance. The European Health Insurance Card isn’t valid in Turkey so health insurance is advised if you want to be treated in private facilities.

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Health Insurance Designed for Expats & Foreign Citizens

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Necessary documents you need for your residency application as a property owner in Turkey

  • Passport, copy of passport;
  • Colour photos (4 pieces, 3.5 x4.5);
  • Completed application form to be processed at the Immigration Office;
  • The bank statement confirming sufficient funds (approximately $500 for a one-month stay in Antalya) or a certificate of currency exchange;
  • Сertificate of property ownership in Turkey (Tapu), original and copy.
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Calculate the residence tax you have to pay depending on your nationality.

The cost of your residence permit is as follows: Residency tax + insurance fees + processing fees.

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