Alanya is one of the paradise cities of Turkey with its unique beauties on the

Mediterranean Riviera.

Why Alanya...?

The city, which attracts tourists from 23 countries of the world thanks to its attractive beauty, has been the scene of real estate sales in the last 10 years. The citizens of the countries who bought an apartment in Alanya are mainly from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, European and Scandinavian countries, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and recently Canada and America.

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Where can I buy in Alanya?

We divide Alanya into 3 interesting areas to go out, the east of Alanya, the center of Alanya and the west of Alanya. In the east of Alanya there are many residential areas like Oba, Kestel, Mahmutlar, Kargicak and Demirtaş, the biggest construction projects can be found in Mahmutlar area so that citizens from more than 23 countries can be found there. West of Alanya are the residential areas of Konaklı, Avsallar, İncekum and Okurcalar.

What are the expected prices?

The demand for a place especially in Alanya in the last years and the insufficient supply make the real estate prices increase. Due to the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war in recent years and the increase in material prices worldwide, the real estate prices have also changed, increasing by almost 60% compared to the previous year. It can be observed that mainly foreigners buy real estate in Alanya and construction projects are expected especially for foreigners with all tourist facilities.

  • The average price for an apartment in Mahmutlar is about 90,000 euros for 1+1 new construction projects, 2+1 apartments are about 110,000 euros - 120,000 euros.
  • As the Kestel region is closer to Alanya, prices for 1+1 apartments currently start at 110,000 euros for new construction projects. 2+1 apartments have an average value of about 120.000 -150.000.
  • In the Oba region, prices are more attractive in the upper part of the Oba region due to the distance to the sea. Currently, prices for 1+1 apartments in this region start at 85,000 and continue to increase.
  • Apartments in a new 1+1 project in the center of Alanya are offered for sale for an average of 150,000 euros.
  • In the west of Alanya, in the Konaklı region, projects are slightly cheaper. 1+1 prices 70,000- 90 thousand euros.

Alanya is now one of the new investment areas for construction projects in Turkey and it is expected that prices in Alanya will go in the same direction in the coming period.

www.Antalyaprojects.com consultants who have been living in the region for years are always very busy with market observation and research.

As a buyer of property coming to the international Alanya and before you buy an apartment or villa, you need to set your budget and calculate where you want to live in the beautiful Alanya. we present.

The forecast for 2023 is that prices will increase by 30% because the existing demand is so big. For this reason, investors who want to invest and create new housing will benefit today.

Buying under-construction property in Turkey, is it safe or not?

We all know that buying a property anywhere in the world during the construction process means obtaining it at a lower price than buying it after the completion of construction. Some residential properties may increase their price by 20% upon delivery of the project compared to the price during construction, and some investment properties can increase their price by a percentage of more than 100% upon delivery compared to the price at the beginning of construction.

This talk is attractive to real estate investors looking for the highest return on investment, but it is necessary to answer the following questions that concern everyone who wants to buy a property under construction in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular:

  • How do I guarantee that the property will be delivered on time and within the required specifications?
  • What is the best construction company I can count on when buying a property under construction?
  • What are the specifications of the investment property?
  • At what stage of project establishment should I start investing?
  • What are the stages of establishing any real estate project?
  • What is the optimal investment plan to buy and sell an under-construction property?

www.antalyaprojects.com with its FREE legal services will help you answering the previous questions in detail.

We are always ready to help you. If you want to experience Alanya through the eyes of a local and international team, we are always here for you.
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