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No Commission.
No Middleman.

We have researched for you the leading Turkish construction companies operating in Antalya Province over the last 10 years, the projects they have completed and buyer satisfaction.
Transparent information, with exact location of the projects,
Direct communication channel between the developer and you, the buyer.

How does it work? Get a free lawyer service worth 1000 Euro
Deal Directly With Project Developers

The Steps

Top Real-Estate Developer Listings

Top Developers Companies

We have researched for you the leading Turkish construction companies operating in Antalya Province over the last 10 years, the projects they have completed and buyer satisfaction.
Antalyaprojects.com works with the most reputable builders in Antalya Province, so buyers no longer have to search through countless real estate agent websites. Buyers see all the top completed projects and search for new projects offered by the construction company, all in one place

The buyer will receive 1 year free residence permit with detailed information and support according to the Immigration Law in Antalya - Turkey
For buying a property in Turkey, it is advisable to get a good lawyer. All companies advertising on Antalyaprojects.com offer independent legal advice as a free service.
All companies advertising on AntalyaProjects.com offer independent legal advice as a free service. Offer a Free property insurance.
We have compiled all the points you need to consider when buying a property in Turkey and where to get the services you need.
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Marketing and Selling Your Projects

Marketing and selling real estate is an organization that must be organized from the smallest detail to the top unit. Businesses that are unable to adapt to evolving technology and changing competitive conditions that differ in consumer perception will not be able to survive in the marketplace and ensure their continued existence.

When you join the Antalyaprojects.com family and support buyers in 5 languages, we are ready to provide you with all kinds of services and support from our experienced multilingual staff.
With so many housing projects, there is a need to renew working policies, inform sector staff and provide the necessary training. In the changing and evolving system, the presence of well-trained, trustworthy and reliable staff is an asset to their businesses.
Safety, trust and customer service are the main areas in which we present the company on your behalf at Antalyprojects.com.
Manage listing Marketing
Connected 24/7 With Property Buyers

Be the One to Introduce your Project to the Investors!

When you sell your project yourself, you have the advantage of direct contact with buyers. Sometimes questions come up during the showing. You can answer these directly. You can receive viewing requests immediately through AntalyaProjects.com via email or phone. Arrange the appointments when it suits you and the prospective buyer.

Antalyaprojects is a portal launched through an agreement with the leading developers of Antalya Province to jointly offer the best investment opportunities for international investors in the Turkish real estate market.
The aim of www.Antalyaprojects.com is to create a direct sales channel from the developers to the investors. Together we guarantee the best prices and the best service package for the buyers, which is unique in the Turkish real estate market!
It is one of our most important principles to stay in contact with the customer at all times, even after the sales process. Our customers can contact the service team via Antalyaprojects.com and get in touch with us if they have any questions.

Transperant, legal sales process

You are almost at the end point of the sales process. You have already accepted an offer and both parties will sign the contract. Did you know that 50% of sales are abandoned at this stage!
Building trust on the part of the buyer can only be achieved through transparency and good legal advice for both parties. That is why we offer the service of a free lawyer to the buyer, who can build this trust through the international market standards.

Transparent legal sales process
After sales services

Sold + Services
= The Best Branding

You have now completed all the steps and the signatures are under the sales contract. You have done it: you can now say you have sold your project - congratulations!

But do not forget the services you provided, because free legal advice and free buyer support after the sale are the best branding for your next project.

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