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Our ultimate goal is to sustain growth and development with the love we have for our job and to be a pioneer of this business with our young and innovative organization by bringing a different perspective.

Nature of our business to come up with different solutions for different needs. We are aware of the responsibility of the signature we put under everything we do. With the awareness and responsibility of this, we handle everything we do with special care and attention, and always achieve originality. We know that your will and our experience are in a harmonious partnership. We join forces to see that we are doing better together.

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Antalya 1207

Not just a home, but a new lifestyle. At 1207 ANTALYA, we have not only designed a home for you, but also a lifestyle combining comfort and aesthetics with unique social spaces.
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Free services provided by AP Free for the buyers:

- 1-Lawyer's fees for buyer's counsel
- 2-Resident ship for buyer for 1 year
- 3-Property insurance
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Do I need a lawyer?

Although it is not required by law, AntalyaProjects advises all of our clients to use a lawyer to buy a property in Turkey.

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