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Project By: Novis Construction

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Novis Park - Upscale Your Lifestyle.

Novis Park-Located in a peaceful environment only 29 km from Gazipaşa Airport and 6 km from Alanya city center right next to Mediterranean Sea.

A nest of joy only 150 meters from shopping center and 50 meters from various cafes and restaurants promising world cuisines and cosmopolitan atmosphere. You can also find large shopping centers only within a diameter of 2.5 km. The newest park of the region is located right next to the development.

Reaching Mediterranean Sea has never been so easy! Beach is within only a few steps walking distance with the overpass right in front of the development saving you from the concern for traffic. Layout of the region brings another important advantage; you will have no problem with parking lot or traffic congestion with abundance of large parks.It is a place of pleasure 150 meters from the shopping center and only 50 meters from cafes and restaurants. There are large shopping centers within 2.5 kilometers. Next to the area where the projects are located, there is the newest park of the region.
It is very easy to reach the Mediterranean! You can easily reach the beach with the overpass located right in front of the project, without worrying about traffic. The zoning feature of the region also provides a very good advantage; In the region, there is no parking and traffic problem thanks to the large garden areas.


  • 2 units, 2+1 Garden Duplex (170 m2)
  • 4 units, 1+1 flats (50 m2)
  • 6 units, 2+1 flats (75 m2)
  • 3 units, 2+1 Roof Duplex (103-173 m2)
  • Swimming pool
  • 24/7 Security
  • Car park
  • Sauna
  • Gym
  • Specially designed green spaces
  • All properties are with sea view.


  • No2 Patio Duplex 2+1 ≈ 168m2
  • No3 Flat 1+1 ≈ 50 m2
  • No4 Patio Duplex 2+1 ≈ 170 m2
  • No7 Flat 2+1 ≈ 75m2
  • No8 Flat 1+1 ≈ 50 m2
  • No9 Flat 2+1 ≈ 75 m2
  • No12 Flat 2+1 ≈ 75 m2
  • No13 Flat 1+1 ≈ 50 m2
  • No14 Flat 2+1 ≈ 75 m2
  • No17 Flat 2+1 ≈ 75 m2
  • No18 Flat 1+1 ≈ 50m2
  • No19 Flat 2+1 ≈ 75 m2
  • No22 Penthouse Duplex 2+1 ≈ 173 m2
  • No23 Penthouse Duplex 2+1 ≈ 108 m2
  • No24 Penthouse Duplex 2+1 ≈ 173 m2

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Project Features / Amenities

  • Location : Alanya / Kestel
  • Total floors : 5
  • Construction year : 2020
  • Sea view
  • Mountain view
  • Pool view
  • Satellite TV
  • LED lights
  • American style kitchen
  • Balcony
  • Intercom system
  • PVC windows
  • Double Glazing
  • Communal pool
  • Sauna
  • Fitness centre
  • Elevator
  • Doorkeeper
  • 7/24 Security
  • Parking places
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- 2-Resident ship for buyer for 1 year
- 3-Property insurance
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